Dear Writer,

I am honored and excited to have the opportunity to relaunch Ivy Hall Review. As the editor of this exemplary literary journal, I am encouraging you to put your heart on the line and let the world read what you have to say. The writer who refuses to write what is in his or her heart will never be able to quiet that passion. Write. Write what is in your heart. Write now.

What is the story within you that is dying to be told? For the moment, forget the trends or what is marketable, focus instead on that story you’ve been aching to write. From flash fiction to the mini-memoir, I’m interested in reading what you want to write. There is no set aesthetic to Ivy Hall Review, it will be what you make it. Your writing, your passion, your readership, will shape this literary journal into its potential.

Be bold.

Click the submit button below to find out more about submission guidelines. I look forward to reading your work.

Your Biggest Fan,

Simone Adams



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