About Ivy Hall Review

Ivy Hall Review is the online literary journal of SCAD Atlanta. The journal is published semi-annually and focuses on innovative fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual art.

All submissions must be made through our submissions page. Questions can be sent to Joanna Kauffmann: jkauff23@student.scad.edu.

About the Staff

Joanna Kauffmann,  Editor

Joanna Kauffmann is an M.F.A. writing candidate at SCAD Atlanta. She has a B.A. in English with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in political science from Tulane University. Her primary focus is literary fiction.

Dana J. Hortman and P. Scott Russell, Social Media Managers

Darby Sanders, Faculty Adviser

Darby Sanders is a professor of writing at SCAD-Atlanta. He’s a fiction writer with an M.F.A. from the University of Houston and specializes in new media.

Dr. Catherine Ramsdell, Faculty Adviser

Dr. Ramsdell is a professor of writing at SCAD-Atlanta and the Associate Chair of Liberal Arts for SCAD Atlanta.

Previous Editors

C. R. Keenan

Caroline Huftalen

Glennis Lofland

About SCAD-Atlanta’s Writing Program

SCAD writers are exposed to a variety of genres and careers in the field of writing, while receiving a strong foundation in the arts. The writing program at SCAD offers a variety of courses to encourage students to pursue their specialized interests, as well as collaborating with local organizations to provide students with first-hand experience.

Each year, SCAD brings in visiting writers to discuss their writing process, work, and the field, while offering feedback to students as part of the Ivy Hall Writers Series. For upcoming events, click here.

For more information about the writing program at SCAD, click here.

About Ivy Hall

First known as the Peters House, Ivy Hall was rehabilitated by SCAD to preserve one of the first homes in Georgia thought to fully embody the Queen Anne-Victorian architectural style. The 4,339-square-foot structure is thought to be Atlanta’s oldest, most complete and single most important residence from the post-Civil War period known as the New South.

SCAD’s preservation of Ivy Hall broadens Atlanta’s sense of history and culture. A magnificent and majestic venue, the facility provides a stimulating and creative learning environment for the university’s writing program and is the ideal setting for prominent authors to share their works and professional experiences.

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